Gay Massage West London No Hands Tantra

Gay Massage West London No Hands Tantra call 07870872802Gay Massage West London. Steve Massaging Antonio.

100% discrete and safe. Just 85 GBP for 90 minutes.

Sensual Gay Massage West London, conveniently close to Acton Central Station on the London Overground.

Gay Massage West London No Hands Tantra. Unique sensual gay massage for men seeking Sensuality Extraordinaire!

This is a very unique sensual gay massage style. Through my love of touch, and more than 20 years experience, it has evolved into what it is now. As it’s my own style, I’m the only Masseur offering it. It will bring new sensations, and a completely different dimension to your sensual massage.

Being located in Acton, West London, W3, this is ideally located for most public transport links, is very convenient and not too far from Shepard’s Bush, Hammersmith, Ealing Broadway, Ealing Common, Chiswick, Kew or Richmond.

It is a mixture of very special, carefully chosen, unique magical ingredients:

  • Light touch
  • Heavy touch,
  • Slow, slower, and even much slower touch
  • Swift touch,
  • Rhythmic touch
  • Joyous, Intuitive and Passionate touch
  • Gentle smooth music
  • Warmth, comfort and tranquillity
  • Divine, exquisite, unique sensuality Gay Massage in West London Steve

Combine this with the 2 other most important, and precious, ingredients in the world- You. + Me.

In my sensual gay massage, this is all thoroughly mixed together for 90 minutes ( or 2 hours!), and you end up with something quite delicious, and completely unique!  There is only one you, and one me, after all!

Tantric Massage can help you with:

  • Premature Ejaculation:

This can be a very real and embarrassing problem for men when it happens. I can understand the frustration it causes, because it stops you from being able to really slowly and gently build your sexual performance how you want it. Like most techniques, the more practice, the better you become.

In this Gay Tantric Massage, you will be spending time with a very patient and nurturing masseur, which will assist you in overcoming your ejaculation problems. It may take some time, but will be well worth the effort.

You will be able to enjoy pleasures more sensually, and relax better, realizing you no longer have anxiety attached to sexual and sensual pleasure. You will experience greater enjoyment, because you will be able to focus on other areas of your body, and really being conscious of the sensations, so lasting longer, and this will be more satisfying for you.

  • Restoring lost sex drive.

Because there are no expectations of you in your massage session, you can instead focus on just being and relaxing. You can be in complete safety, knowing there is no pressure, and enjoy your experience for what it is, whether or not you become aroused.

You may have been unwell, or had some quite invasive surgery. Some operations on Prostate cancer, for instance, can leave you with little sexual drive or function. Most men who have had problems like this who have seen me have been able to at least experience a full body orgasm, even though they cannot physically ejaculate, due to the consequences of their operation.

No Hands Tantra Gay Massage helps you find your way back to restoring your lost sex drive, by nurturing you, supporting you, encouraging you, and above all, being respectful of your feelings, without judgement or expectation.

  • Heightening sexual enjoyment with partners, giving you deeper, and more powerful sex.

Because you can reach greater heights of ecstasy, this in itself will give you deeper gratification, and consequently, far better sex.  Through having No Hands Tantra Gay Massage, you will become much closer to your partner, because you will learn far more about them, in addition to knowing lots more about yourself that maybe you didn’t know before.

Instead of sex being moderately pleasurable, and comparatively ‘ordinary’ it will instead be much more powerful and reeally extraordinary. You will have deeper, more intense orgasms, and enjoy yourselves far more than you imagined, or when you have sex which is too ‘rushed’.

  • Unlocking your true Sensuality-Discovering yourself, and what you enjoy

I am very respectful. I always ask what you want from your No HandsTantra gay Massage. This is important, because you will have a specific reason for wanting to experience it. The idea is to pleasure you slowly, over a period of 90 minutes. Starting off very gently and gradually building you until you feel you want to explode.

I add that this is your decision. There is never any expectation for you to perform at any point. Once anyone has any expectations of this nature, the massage would instead cause you anxiety, because you would feel ‘pressured’. This would be completely counter-productive. My intention is to give you the most fantastic session, not cause you any anxiety or concern.

You’ll find you can have pleasure in many more ways than you first thought (unless you have had Tantric Massage before!). This is why each and every massage I do is a journey of discovery for you, as well as me. If I see you enjoying a particular part of the massage, I’ll do a whole lot more of it. A bit of what you like doesn’t hurt you at all.  Therefore, No Hands Tantra Gay Massage for each man is completely totally unique.

  • Relationship problems:

When you have relationship problems, this is sometimes due  to your having a good sexual appetite, but your partner may not be as enthusiastic. This can cause communication difficulties, because you may come home from work, fall into a routine, where neither one talks to the other, and never speaking about what’s on your mind, or how your day has been.

You may feel horny, and they don’t. Over time, this can lead to loss of interest by the other partner. This may be due to their feeling that you are demanding, so can cause frustration on your part. Given even more time, this can actually lead to a dislike of sex for the other partner entirely.

No hands Tantra gay Massage can help you in channelling this lovely sexual energy you have in a much more intensive, less demanding direction. It doesn’t always seek bringing orgasm in a partner. With practice, it’s possible to separate orgasm from ejaculation. This helps you last longer, spending more time pleasuring your partner, which will re-awaken their desires to be enjoyed.

Spending lots of time with your partner, learning new and powerful ways to heighten your and their sexual pleasure without the pressure of cumming immediately will add another dimension to your lives.

Pure enjoyment and celebration of both your sexual energies without making it happen in under 5 minutes! If you do it right, your neighbours would hear both your hollers of pleasure all the way down the road! So, you should aim to spend as much time as possible, starting out very gently and slowly, rather than trying to rush it.

In your No HandsTantra gay Massage, I not only give you these pleasures, but you will find you can learn some techniques from your experience. Take that home with you and see your relationship grow stronger!

What happens in a Tantric Massage Session?

I obviously can’t speak for every Masseur, as all are very different. You may have massage with several different men, and every experience would be vastly different. I believe its best to work in a way, and at a pace, decided by you. Typically, my No Hands Tantra Gay Massage is best described like this:

When you arrive, join me for a cuppa if you want to. Relax. Tell me a bit about you, and what you are looking for. Unwind. Take some very important time to slow yourself to a quiet space. Come to tranquility.No Hands Tantra Gay Massage West London studio

Lovely natural daylight, through frosted glass in bay windows, Turkish Pendant lamps, soft smooth music, a lovely big hug, and some breathing. To help you just ‘let go’. Connection.

When you’re ready, let me slowly, and sensually undress you, preparing you for your Massage. If you would rather do this yourself, it’s no problem. Some men do this themselves. If you’re coming for massage after work or sports, take a shower if you want. When you’re ready, I’ll help you onto the Massage table, which is comfortable, warm, and well presented for your Massage.Massage-table-evening-ambience

I’ll shroud you in a sheet to begin with, before lightly introducing my touch. Slowly I un-wrap you, anoint you with warm oil. Coating you slowly, respectfully and sensually, over every millimetre of your delicious manly body.

No Hands Tantra Gay Massage. Very special, signature Massage. Exquisite slow, gentle sensual massage, gradually building to a delicious, gloopy, gentle but firm weightiness, that Men find irresistible!

Then, with arms, head, shoulders, legs and physical body contact, you will be Beautifully Squished, Perfectly Twisted, Lavishly Rolled, Sensually Vibrated, Sacredly Enveloped and Powerfully Rocked! Savour the flavour of touch from a skilled maturegay Masseur.

Call me. Make a booking. Try No Hands Tantra Gay Massage West London. I think you’ll agree, it will be very powerful.Turkish-pendant-lamp-evening-dusk